Friday, June 02, 2006

Unable to save a workbook to the database

One of my clients recently had an issue with Discoverer 10.1.2 in that every time a user tried to save a workbook to the database they got the following error:


Upon further investigation it was noted that they were using version of the database and that the database was installed onto a HP-UX(PA-RSIC) 64 bit server.

According to Oracle, there is a known bug, number 3668164, within the database that will prevent Discoverer from being able to save to the database. SAVING A WORKBOOK USING DISCOVERER 10G GIVES - ORA-1483. I have to admit that I had not heard of this bug and so my interest was aroused. Upon further investigation it turns out that the operating system is a red herring and that this issue can arise on any operating system.

The solution is to patch the database to or higher. Apparently there is a one-off patch for 3668164 but not if your database is running on a Windows server. In this case you will have to apply the full database upgrade. My recommendation though is to upgrade to anyway as many other bugs were fixed in this release.

Postscript: my client informed me that after they upgraded their database that the issue went away.

Note: bug 3668164 is not available for public viewing. This is most frustrating because Oracle have lots of cross references to it on MetaLink.

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