Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cumulative Patch 8

Posting updated: August 27, 2008

Oracle have recently released CP8 for Discoverer. The patch number for Windows is 7111816. The patch number for Linux, Unix and HP is 7306816. While 711816 was also released for Unix, this has subsequently been re-released with further improvements as 7306816. If you are running on Unix and have already applied 7111816 you should also apply 7306816. This will de-install the previous CP8 and install the latest version complete with additional bug fixes.

My blog posting relating to patch numbers has been updated to reflect this new cumulative patch.

For more information about patches for Discoverer click here.

At the moment CP8 is available for these platforms:
  1. Microsoft Windows 32-bit - using 7111816
  2. Sun Solaris SPARC 32-bit (which is also good for 64-bit) - using 7306816
  3. Linux x86 - using 7306816
  4. HP-UX PA-RISC 64-bit - again using 7306816

Some welcome fixes:

Welcome fix 1

Looking through the readme it seems as though Oracle may have fixed the CP7 issue that I reported a couple of weeks ago. I have tested this out on my own system and the list of values now populate with no problem.

Welcome fix 2

Another bug, this time one that has irritated end users for some time, has been fixed in this patch. Prior to this patch, if someone shared a workbook with you and you tried to Save As using the same name you would get an error that the workbook identifer must be unique. You would then be forced to save the workbook under a different name which was most inconvenient. I am very pleased to report that has been fixed in CP8.

Let's say that someone shares a workbook with you called Sharing Test.

Under the new functionality, if you use Save As and leave the workbook name the same, Discoverer will automatically assign a unique identifer to the workbook. What it does is to append the number 1 to the end of the identifier. Thus, in my example, the identifier for this workbook will become SHARING_TEST1. I know this fix will be welcome news to hundreds of users.

Good one Oracle - 10 out of 10 from me for this fix.

Welcome Fix 3

One other "fix" that may be welcome to you in CP8 is that changing Page Items in Discoverer Plus cross-tabular worksheets and scrolling has been incrementally improved. I'm not sure if you have ever noticed this as it generally only rears its ugly head when working with more complex type worksheets. Performance is still not "Desktop" speed due to the architecture differences, but it is much improved. The generic scroll properties that were introduced in CP2, I think, may no longer needed. If you have been having issues with those sort of "performance" issues, then you might want to give CP8 a try.

The particular bug fixes that I am referring to in CP8 are as follows (this information is taken from the CP8 readme):



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Speaking in Oklahoma in July

If you happen to be in Oklahoma City on Tuesday, July 22nd I will be presenting a paper on manipulating dates in Discoverer at the Oklahoma City Oracle User Group meeting.

This will be at the Francis Tuttle Institute of Technology, Rockwell Campus, in Oklahoma City on 12777 N. Rockwell Ave at 5:15pm

For more information please look on the OKCOUG website

I'll see you there