Sunday, March 26, 2006

Oracle Business Intelligence and Discoverer

I guess I cannot let this week go by without commenting on Oracle's BI announcement and statement of direction that was given at a press conference on March 22 in New York. Like many of you, I listened intently as Charles Phillips, President of Oracle, and Thomas Kurian, Senior Vice President of Oracle Fusion Middleware Development, outlined Oracle’s business intelligence platform and expanded portfolio of analytic applications, including the integration of Siebel Business Analytics. I was delighted to hear that Oracle intend on keeping, and extending Discoverer.

I can let you into a secret and tell you that I had personally emailed Thomas throwing my full backing behind Discoverer. I have helped more than 750 organizations with Discoverer in the three years since my wife and I started Armstrong-Smith Consulting so have first hand knowledge of how widespread the use of Discoverer really is. I am absolutely delighted that it is the reporting tool for the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Standard Edition. In my opinion, Oracle have got it right and I am certainly looking forward with excitement at the new offerings that will come our way in the not-too-distant future. Whilst keeping abreast of Discoverer enhancements, my company will also be working with Siebel Analytics to find out the best way to integrate it with Discoverer's EUL.

I won't make much in the way of in-deph analysis of the announcement because my fellow bloggers Abhinav Agarwal and Mark Rittman have both done an excellent job. If you haven't had a chance to read their comments, take a look.


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