Sunday, March 26, 2006

Upcoming Postings

Now that my book is done and dusted, I have seen a couple of mentions on other blogs regarding a hope that I will offer some more expert Discoverer advice on this blog. Well that's exactly what I have planned. Over the coming months I will be submitting a series of postings dedicated to Discoverer preferences. I intend to try and cover as many of the settings from pref.txt as I can, complete with commentary and before and after screenshots. I will also be publishing additional info that did not make it into my book. If you have any ideas for information or tips that you would like see posted please drop me a line and let me know.
With regards to the Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook I was delighted to see that last week it received a 5-star writeup on from Dan Gerena. I have also been keeping an eye on the rankings and during the past week it has risen from 54th on March 17 to 24th on March 26 on the list of current bestselling Oracle books. Not bad considering that it has only been on general release for about a week. Will it make the top 10? That's a good question. I would like to think so. I would also like to see it make the top 1,000 of all books being sold on Amazon but I guess that's a tall order. If it makes the top 5,000 I will be pleased. After all, at any moment in time, Amazon have over 2 million books for sale.
By the way, are you coming to Collaborate '06 in Nashville? If so why not come and join me for an all-day advanced Discoverer workshop on Sunday April 23rd.

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