Thursday, March 25, 2010

Group Sort will not sort

Problem Description
Have you ever encountered a tabular worksheet that when you tell it to Group Sort an item that it doesn't display as a Group Sort even though in the Sort list Discoverer says it is a Group Sort? If so, I have the reason and a solution.

Let's say you have a worksheet that has the following 3 fields:
  • Department Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Employee Name
And let's say we have two optional parameters:
  • Department Name
  • Supervisor Name
This worksheet simply lists who the employees are within a department along with the associated supervisor. The parameters will let you pick departments or supervisors or both at the same time or none due to the optionality of the parameter.

Now, clone this worksheet to another one to add the projects that an employee is working on. You will now get many instances of the employee. The fields in this worksheet are:
  • Department Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Employee Name
  • Project Name
In this worksheet, the parameters are, again optional,:
  • Department Name
  • Supervisor Name
  • Employee Name
Now, if you return to the first worksheet and create a Drill Link on the Department Name to the second worksheet you will be asked to provide a value for the 3 parameters in the second worksheet. So far so good.

Next, try and add a Group Sort to the Department Name in the first worksheet. It will not display as a Group Sort?

Why do you think this is?
The answer lies in the fact that you will be passing values from below the Group Sort to parameters in a linked drill.

If the Department Name was Group Sorted you would not be able to click in any row other than the first instance of the department. Discoverer understands that this cannot be right and so does not display Group Sorted items as a Group Sort when lower level items are needed in a drill.

The solution is to either remove the Group Sort or place the drill to link on one of the lower non-Group Sorted items.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corporate E-Learning

We at Armstrong-Smith Consulting are pleased to be able to offer corporate E-Learning for Discoverer.
When you purchase our corporate E-Learning package for Discoverer.

Here is what you get:  Click here for more information
  • You will get a site license to use both our Discoverer Administration and Discoverer End User classes for 2 years
  • You will get two installation CDs, one containing the 13 Administration and a second containing the 17 End User interactive video modules
  • You will get a PDF copy of both of the full Armstrong-Smith Consulting manuals
  • You will get a copy of the Armstrong-Smith Consulting database schema along with full instructions for installing onto your database
  • You will get the full Armstrong-Smith EUL complete with test workbooks
  • You will be authorised to install the training modules onto any number of files servers within your corporation
  • You will be licensed to use the material in either course any number of times over the 2 year period
  • Your materials will be sent free of shipping and handling to any location in the world
Are there any Caveats or Restrictions?
The only caveats and restriction that we have are:

  • You must own the relevant Discoverer licenses from Oracle
  • You may not use this material to give training to anyone outside of your company without express permission from ASC
  • You may not use this material in a country to which the United States has prohibited export
Click here for more information