Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Discoverer 10g Handbook - page 802

As promised, here is the first of many postings that add additional information or make corrections to the text of Oracle Discoverer 10g Handbook. All corrections will be posted in red while additional information will be posted in blue.

The first bullet on page 802 should read as follows:
In the URL Expression field, enter /discoverer/app

The first letter of the word discoverer should be in lower case, not upper case as printed in the book.


Anonymous said...


as we have problem with a table which has 5 million rows and decided to modify this table in to two tables.

There are number of discoverer workbooks are based on this table..if we changed the table in to two table how we can modify

EUL so that all workbooks based on this table run without any problem.

its high time for us as this table causing problems during nighht loads .

so im wiating to here from you

Thanks in advance

Venu Chappidi
952 217 2165

Michael said...

Hi Venu
You will probably need to create a view that UNIONS the two tables together, so long as the columns are the same.

Then inside Discoverer Admin you will repoint the folder to go after the view.

Best wishes