Monday, September 11, 2006

Discoverer 4i will be desupported at end of October

Despite many warnings on the Oracle websites, there has been a lot of feedback from consultants, partners, and customers suggesting that a large percentage of the Oracle user base don't know that Discoverer 4i will be desupported at the end of this coming October. If your organization is one of those still running 4i you need to upgrade to Discoverer 10.1.2 as soon as you can. This means immediately - if not sooner!

For more information please take a look at this posting on Steven Chan's blog and at this posting on my own blog. If you don't know who Steven Chan is he, is the Director, Applications Technology Integration Oracle E-Business Suite Development New E-Business Techstack, so he certainly knows what he is talking about when he suggests doing this upgrade now. Oh, by the way, just in case you were wondering, Discoverer 10.1.2 is fully certified for use against Oracle E-Business Suite so you really have no excuse to stay on 4i.

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Mohammed said...

Iam saving a work book X,with two calculated values with subtotals.
one is sales value and other is Material Cost.Sales vaue=Shipped_Quantity*unit selling price and Material cost=transaction quantity*new cost.
But After this when iam opening again the same workbook X,In this
sales value subtotal it is not showing.