Sunday, October 29, 2006

Back from vacation

Hi everyone
Did you wonder why I have made no postings recently? No, I did not give up blogging and I did not emigrate. I simply took my wife on a long vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico. If you have never been, I thoroughly recommend it, particularly at this time of year as the rainy season is at an end and the snowbirds have not begun to flock.

Anyway, I got back home to Tennessee in the early hours of this morning. I just need to get my feet back under the table and catch up with email then my postings will resume. I actually got less than 12 hours at home as I'm about to leave for Nashville airport to get on another plane. This coming wewk I'm giving Discoverer Administration training and mentoring to a new client in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. At least I get to spend a few more days in the sun!

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Jakub said...

Hi Michael.
Nice to read you again. Especially on ...