Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BI Publisher and Discoverer - 1

Well it took me a while and lots of digging but I finally managed to get BI Publisher and Discoverer to interface to each other. If you are one of the hundreds who have tried and been unsuccessful, or maybe got there in the end you will understand what kind of an achievement this is.

I made lots of notes as I did the installation(s) and am now formulating a plan of action for publishing a series of articles that will describe in detail exactly how to go about taking a Discoverer and making it interface with BI Pubisher.

Watch this space in the coming weeks.


Anonymous said...

Metalink Note 459853.1 'How To Setup Web Services Integration with BI Publisher and Discoverer' may save you some time or give you something to compare with.

Michael said...

That was one of the documents that I looked at and as is usual with much Oracle documentation it makes assumptions that folks know a lot more than they do and also has some steps that need explaining in a lot more detail. I had to get Support to help explain some of the missing or complex steps which were one-liners in the document but in reality were many lines.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael.... appreciate your posts.

Anonymous said...

Waiting for this posting of yours on integrating discoverer with web services.


Anonymous said...

Michael,iam waiting for this space,this takes discoverer walk tall in the market.