Monday, October 06, 2008

Cumulative Patch 2 for

I am very pleased to announce that Oracle have released a second cumulative patch for Discoverer

So far this has been released for the following platform:
Windows 32-bit

The following postings have been updated:

Useful Patch Numbers
Do not upgrade to Discoverer

Important Note: Neither the base nor any of its cumulative patches are certified for use against E-Business Suite 11i or 12i, so please don't upgrade to if you are using or intend to use Discoverer in Apps mode. and all of its cumulative patches are certified so this is where you should be, at least for the time being.


David Browne said...

Hello Rod,

Could you please confirm if Discoverer 10g (any version) is certified for use on a 9i database (any version) ?


David Browne
email :

Michael said...

Hi David
Discoverer 10g is certified for and higher plus all versions of 10g and 11g database.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Oracle has now made Discoverer Cumulative Patch #2 for available for the Linux x86 platform available on 10/21/2008. It's listed as Patch 7198716.

Thanks for your useful articles re: App Server/Discoverer patching Michael. They are very useful in helping to navigate the Oracle patching maze!