Thursday, January 28, 2010

Discoverer E-Learning Offer Extended Until Further Notice

Due to the great response we had from folks purchasing our Discoverer E-Learning software for Administrators and End Users we are delighted to let you know that we have extended the offer until further notice. Interested in buying? Click here.

How much does it cost?
We will let you have our E-Learning courses for the following amazing prices:
  • Discoverer Administration course only $99.00
  • Discoverer End User course only $199.00
  • Buy both course for only $249.00

This is the offer of a lifetime and these prices represent a saving of 1000s of dollars over our standard price list.

We know that these courses will be of particular interest to people outside of the USA, or for people on a limited budget who cannot get to one of our fantastic instructor-led sessions in beautiful Tennessee, or for someone like you who would like to get training but your company has cut back on your training budget. Whatever the reason, you cannot afford not to take part in this offer to get a personal copy of one or both of our world-class training.

What will you get?

When you buy our E-Learning training through this offer, you get everything you need to complete your training. Here is what you get:
  • You get the 13 Administration or 17 End User interactive video modules
  • You get a PDF copy of the full Armstrong-Smith Consulting manual
  • You get a copy of the Armstrong-Smith Consulting database schema along with full instructions for installing onto your database
  • You get the full Armstrong-Smith EUL complete with test workbooks
How do you buy?
To purchase this training please click here. You will be able to pay either by credit card or via PayPal.

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Aileen said...

Thanks for sharing it here. By the way I have learnt the Skills which are very much essential for my career through E-learning courses and workshops from Fast track tool. The courses are more helped me to success in my business.