Sunday, April 02, 2006

Metalink Username Change

It has come to my notice that in May 2006, all MetaLink users will need to re-register their account and use a valid email address as their "new username", replacing their current MetaLink user id. MetaLink users will be presented with a new registration screen that will display the email address currently registered with MetaLink. Users will be asked if they want to use this email address as their new username or use another email address. Once confirmed, a new password will be mailed to that email address.

If you have multiple MetaLink accounts or multiple email addresses there will a couple of additional screens.

Note: this username change will only affect MetaLink and will not impact any other Oracle site or login that you may have.

In addition, and this is a big change, users who do not have an active CSI number in their profile will find that their MetaLink access is limited to only viewing their profile. Oracle are doing this to ensure that only those people who genuinely have a valid support identifier gain access to all of the benefits of MetaLink. For further information on this subject, please log in to MetaLink and take a look at note 3661177.1, released on 15 March 2006.

To check whether you have a valid profile, use this workflow:

  1. Log in to MetaLink
  2. Click the Profile link ( top-right of screen)
  3. On the Profile menu, click Licenses
  4. Click the Show button alongside a profile
  5. Look at the Expiry Date

If you don't see an Expiry Date in the future for any of your profiles then you don't have a valid CSI number. You have about a month to get this rectified otherwise you will no longer have access to the forums, patch releases and other useful information on MetaLink. I urge you to check your profile and make sure you are valid.

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