Saturday, March 17, 2007

Discoverer and IE7

It seems Oracle have released a patch (5758865) , available on MetaLink, with the fix for IE7. This is a one-off patch and requires a password which means you will have to raise a service request and tell Oracle you are having trouble drilling in Viewer when using IE7. This patch is applicable whether you are using relational or OLAP modeling.

The downside of this patch is that it can only be applied on top of You can get the patch (4960210) also on MetaLink. Be warned though that is not a small patch. It is 1.6 GB in size and is a full upgrade of the application server.

Has any body applied the patch yet? I'd be interested in hearing how it went and how long it took. I ask because the installation instructions, when downloaded in Word, are a staggering 189 pages.


Manish said...

Michael, I have installed the patch. Although the install instructions are long, it went without a hitch.

Basically you first apply the Database patch. Then you patch the midtier and infra software. Lastly, you update the Metadata repository.

Michael said...

Hi Manish
Thanks for the information. I guess I need to upgrade myself now.

Anonymous said...


This patch is one of a kind. The overall process is smooth and stop services before, restart everything after; well, the kind we ever wanted from Oracle !

Happy patching !

Red said...


did it solved the DRILL DOWN ISSUE with IE 7


Michael said...

Hi Red
Upgrading to and then applying the most recent cumulative patch will allow IE7 to work correctly.

Best wishes

Red said...

Hi Michael,

thanks you for reply and thanks once again ( also oracle discussions questions regarding name change on portal url & discoverer url)
we are right now using 2 different databases 8i( made work with oracle work around thing) & 9i for discoverer reporting and portal for running for these discoverer reports based upon users.

i downloaded the patch ,i looked at the requirements for patch,database should be 9i, we are in process of upgrading 8i to 10g.then we would apply the patch.


Michael said...

Hi Red
Let me know how you get on.


Anonymous said...

I just fixed this problem in my installation, with no need to install a complete patchset. (Pheeww...)
Check this note for instruction on how to get a one-off patch without the requirement:

"Subject: Drilling With Discoverer Viewer 10g (10.1.2) Using Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) Fails With Javascript Error"
Doc ID: 422575.1

Just thought this might help someone...