Thursday, March 29, 2007


I am delighted to be able to announce that Armstrong-Smith Consulting has partnered (link) with InfoCaptor to bring you access to a superb dashboard tool that can revolutionize the way you see your Discoverer metadata. I have been using it in-house for a while now and can endorse this tool's ability to make your Discoverer metadata available to a wider audience in a format that you'll love.

With InfoCaptor you have the ability to generate CSV, Excel, HTML and PDF output of your data. You will love this tool - and it's affordable too. For an HTML example of the output from our own database, scroll down or click here.

To purchase or to find out more information, click here.

What can you do with InfoCaptor?
  • Drop your SQL query in the editor, then quickly create tables and charts
  • Link up related portlets (tables, charts) using drills
  • Define parameters and wire up all of your portlets
  • Generate documentation for your database in PDF, HTML, Excel
  • Generate Lineage documentation for your Data Warehouse and BI environment
  • Create briefing books from your dashboard contents, suitable for distributing and presentations
  • Create quick Dashboard prototypes, no server installation needed
Example Output:

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