Monday, April 09, 2007

Workbook Migration Document

By popular request I have made my Workbook Migration white paper available for free download on my website. You will find it at this link.

It now joins these other white papers available for download:
  • Discoverer libraries - a concept
  • Setting up an Apps mode EUL
  • Multiple Oracle Homes


Sphoorthi Oum said...

When I am trying to access a workbook from the Oracle Applications, it is opening a new window after that it is
showing a login page with the following interruption

A connection error.
- Oracle BI Discoverer is unable to complete the connection initialization.
- Default or specified schema containing EUL tables is inaccessible.

I have to re-enter the login details again.What is that connection error,Is there any way that we can directly access the Workbook.

Waiting for your reply.


Michael said...

Having to login twice is a known issue and comes about because the Discoverer server either not been installed correctly or you are not using the correct URL when you try to launch it.

You can directly access a Workbook by adding URL parameters. The commands are different dependning upon whether you are using Plus or Viewer and upon which version you are using.