Friday, April 13, 2007

The future for Discoverer

From time to time people approach me and ask me what do I think will happen to Discoverer now that Oracle have Siebel and Hyperion (including Brio). The pessimists in the world think that Oracle plan to drop Discoverer. I don't believe this for one minute.

But why don't I believe this? Well for a start Oracle have new releases of Discoverer planned for this year (, and next (11g). However, for fun, let's assume that Oracle do plan to drop Discoverer. They won't announce this in the same year that they release 11g because that would just make folks not even bother to use the latest version. So the earliest I would see such an announcement would have be in 2008. However, as all Oracle products carry a 5 year full support agreement from whenever the drop is announced this would mean that Discoverer would remain a fully supported, patchable, fixable product until at least 2013. That's a lifetime in terms of software. That's 6 years from now. Oracle will have bought SAP by then. Maybe even the San Francisco Giants will have managed to win a game against the Padres!

However, the real reason I don't believe Oracle will drop Discoverer is because of some very favorable comments coming out of Oracle.

Firstly, Oracle has recently revamped its Standard Edition page on (link) which makes for very interesting reading.

Secondly, follow the link for the data sheet (link) and you will get to a PDF document that outlines just where Discoverer fits into the Fusion picture. With acknowledgements to Oracle, here are some interesting snippits from that document:

You've already chosen Oracle database for your business, now make it shine by complementing it with the business intelligence suite that is most tightly integrated with it - Oracle BI Standard Edition.

Oracle BI Discoverer is [tightly] integrated with other components of Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Discoverer reports are easily embedded within Oracle Portal using a simple wizard, making role-based dashboard creation a simple exercise.

Oracle Discoverer is also unique in that it recognizes and respects the Oracle E-Business Suite security model.

Today few of us buy best of breed kit parts and hand craft our own cars; most of us simply go to an established, proven manufacturer to obtain a complete solution, backed by a warranty with a single support organization should anything happen. Software should be like this - and this is where Oracle BI SE delivers. Everything - from ETL (with Oracle Warehouse Builder), to ad-hoc query (with Oracle BI Discoverer), to dashboards (with Oracle Portal), to pixel-perfect reporting (with Oracle XML Publisher), to custom BI development (with Oracle BI Beans) - is available as an integrated set of components.

The entire middleware solution can be effectively clustered with low cost hardware. Combine this deployment flexibility with an attractive pricing model for BI and middleware components, and you will be hard pressed to find a more affordable fit for your growing BI needs.

There - I could not have said it better. I think this clearly shows Oracle's intentions.

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