Monday, January 28, 2008

New white paper on Discoverer sizing

Following years of research at dozens of clients I came to the conclusion that the sizing matrix published by Oracle is somewhat inaccurate, particularly in the amount of memory required to run Discoverer Plus in a real-world environment. For the past couple of years I have been recommending my clients not to follow the Oracle published matrix and have been advising them independently. Recent follow-ups have confirmed that those clients who have followed my advice see very little issues with their Discoverer servers needing additional RAM or CPU.

I have therefore decided to publish my findings as recommendations in a white paper. That white paper is now available for download (link) from my main web site.

If you have any experience with sizing of Discoverer that you would be willing to share please let me know. We can all better help the community at large if we share information.


Jerry said...

Michael thanks for all the great info.

Is your sizing white paper based upon a separate infrastructure tier and middle tier? It looks the info addresses the middle tier. I just wanted to confirm this.
Thanks again

Michael said...

Hi Jerry
My sizing is based on a stand-alone Discoverer server. These same values will be required even if you have an infrastructure although you will need to add capacity for the infrastructure as well. For a Portal / Infrastructure you will first of all ideally need to have a separate server. The values here should start with 2 CPU 4 GB RAM rising towards a 4:1 ration if the number of users increase dramatically.

Jane said...

Hello Michael,

Thanks for the wonderful document. Can you suggest how much disk space would be required for a 200 user implementation? I am guessing the memory sizing in the document is to run Discoverer, but the disk space will be used to store workbooks in database and the other objects like folders etc. Is this right? What about scheduled workbooks? You mentioned in your book that each of these take upto 2 MB, is this from the disk space as well?

Thank You.