Monday, January 28, 2008

Would you like to see your BI articles on the web?

Have you written any interesting articles on Discoverer, Oracle Warehouse Builder and / or just business intelligence in general but have no means of getting this information out into the BI community? If so you will be among hundreds of like-minded people who would love to see their articles in print. This is where I would like to come to your aid. I am offering to make available your articles and papers from my web site and via my blog totally free of charge.

To have documents posted you would need to send them to me, along with any commentary that you would like to see displayed. If you have enough material I could even create a special page just for you. I do however reserve the right to look through any documents you send me before publishing as I would not want anything that is offensive or a copy of someone elses work on my site. If I see anything that is of concern I would raise it with you and I will of course give you full credit for anything you send me that is published.

The first documents have already been submitted (link) and I would like to say thank you to Jayashree Satapathy and Krishna Mohan from Hyderabad, India for sending me two Discoverer Power Point presentations. The two papers that have been submitted are:
  • Discoverer 10g Administration - 84 slides that focus on administering Discoverer in an E-Business Suite environment. You don't see many papers on this topic and you may well find something you didn't already know
  • Discoverer 10g Desktop - 80 slides that focus on the Discoverer Desktop, a tool that does not get a lot of press these days. Towards the end of this paper you will find some very interesting slides that walk you through running a Discoverer worksheet from within E-Business Suite
Do you have a BI paper that you would like to see published? It doesn't have to be on Discoverer, you can pick any BI subject you like. This is a great opportunity to spread the wealth of information that is available about Discoverer, Warehouse Builder or just BI in general. Think it over and if you would like to get going feel free to send me (link) a document or two.

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