Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ASC Training in Tennessee

Hello everyone
I want to let you know about an exciting new inititiave that my company is starting in 2009. Because we know that many companies only have one or two staff that need our training and cannot afford to have us come on site, we will be offering the same trainng at our own premises starting January.

The training is built around the Higher Education EUL that we developed for SunGard and their clients. If you are unsure whether this would be suitable for you please email me for more details.

Note: Armstrong-Smith Consulting has partnered with SunGard and are the sole authorized partner able to offer this training.

Click here for more information, for prices or to make a booking. By the way if you are a member of the Nashville or Oklahoma City Oracle User Groups we will give each attendeed a 10% discount on the training price and give a further $50 donation to your user group when you complete the training. A Win-Win if you ever heard one!

If you are interested in this training, click here for the Agendas

If you would like more information please drop me an email.

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