Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Maximize your Investment in Discoverer paper

Earlier this year, at the ODTUG 2009 Kaleidoscope conference in Monterey, California, I presented a paper called Maximize your investment in Discoverer.

I have taken the white paper and the PowerPoint presentation and revamped them a little and now have them available for download free of charge from my website (link). They are both contained in a zip file called

Please feel free to download this paper and take a look at the Armstrong-Smith Consulting recommendations for how you can maximize your investment. In a nutshell, because of the introduction of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBI EE) you basically have three options:
  1. Protect your investment by staying with Discoverer - there will no forced migration away from Discoverer and Oracle will continue providing enhancements and cumulative patches plus support will be covered by Oracle's lifetime policy. Discoverer 11g is due for full release during 2010. Oracle also have a statement of direction stating that Discoverer will continue to be enhanced and supported.

  2. Extend your investment by combining Discoverer with some of the OBI EE tools. One of the notable extensions is to interface Discoverer with BI Publisher

  3. Migrate your investment by converting your Discoverer application into OBI EE. In order to do this effectively you will need to migrate your EUL and migrate your workbooks. Oracle currently have a migration utility for the EUL and hope to have a workbook migration utility available either as part of 11g or as a separate release around the same time.

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