Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Slow performance when using Sun Java 1.6

Over the past year of so, several of my clients have reported a slowing down of Discoverer Plus 10.1.2 (, and following an upgrade of the Sun Java to version 1.6.0_04 or higher.

This has been recognized by Sun and if you are technically minded you can read more about this bug by clicking here.

From a Discoverer point of view there does not appear to be an issue with these Java versions:
  • Sun Java Plug-in 1.4.2_06 and higher
  • Sun Java Plug-in 1.5.0_2 and higher

To overcome the issue with Sun Java 1.6 please look at note 747189.1 on Oracle MetaLink.

There is a lot of information in this note but of interest there really are only two ways to overcome the problem and get Discoverer Plus working fast again. These are:

  1. Ensure the external facing IP address of the Discoverer server has a reverse DNS entry in the DNS server, or
  2. Add an entry for the Discoverer server to the local HOSTS file

Ever since I've been using Discoverer I've always tended to have an entry for the Discoverer server in my HOSTS file. So for me I rarely see this issue. On your local PC you will find the HOSTS file here:

  • c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

You can edit it with either Notepad or Wordpad

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