Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Discoverer Books

I thought I would let you know that McGraw-Hill may well be interested in doing 2 extra versions of our best selling Discoverer book. As you know, the current book is on version 10g and incorporates both end user and administration. We are going to separate these out into a brand new Oracle Discoverer 11g Administration Handbook and a smaller one for end users as a sort of tutorial for getting to know the tool. There is still demand for material on Discoverer and now, following the release of 11g, I believe would be a good time to bring our current book up to date.

The end user book will basically take our end user training, extend it and convert it into book format. The bulk of this material already exists so is almost written.

The main book that I will be working on the 11g Administration Handbook and I wanted to get your thoughts.

As a launch point I will be taking the original book and stripping out everything to do with end users leaving just the administration chapters. Then I am going to add brand new material. The topics I definitely want to include are:
  • Managing PL/SQL functions – nothing on this in original book
  • Java command line – again nothing on this in the original book
  • Interfacing Discoverer with BI Publisher
  • Application Server Management using Weblogic – one, maybe two chapters on this
  • Interfacing with Oracle E-Business Suite
I’m also thinking about adding a chapter on what’s next for Discoverer with a discussion about upgrading to OBI EE and perhaps even covering the Discoverer to OBI EE migration mechanism in some detail.

I'd like to get your input. From the administrators point of view, what would you like to see covered in such a book? Do you have any thoughts as to new material that should be covered?

If so, please contact me via email

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