Thursday, June 14, 2012

Warning concerning Java 7 and E-Business Suite

This notification is being posted at the request of Oracle Corporation

All E-Business Suite desktop administrators must disable the JRE Auto-Update for their end users immediately to stop it updating to Java 1.7.

URGENT BULLETIN:  Disable JRE Auto-Update for All E-Business Suite End-Users.
The following link from my fellow blogger Steve Chan explains more:

So why is this required?
If you have Auto-Update enabled, your JRE 1.6 version will be updated to JRE 7.  This may happen as early as July 3, 2012.  This will definitely happen after Sept. 7, 2012, after the release of 1.6.0_35 (6u35).

Oracle Forms is not compatible with JRE 7 yet.  JRE 7 has not been certified with Oracle E-Business Suite yet.  Oracle E-Business Suite functionality based on Forms -- e.g. Financials -- will stop working if you upgrade to JRE 7.

There is also a known issue with WebLogic 10.3.6 and JDK 1.7 and you must use JDK 1.6 for that. I will be posting shortly on this issue.

Seems to me therefore that until further notice, even for Discoverer, but definitely for E-Business Suite that you must stay on Java 1.6 


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Patrick Bacon said...

Hi Michael,

It is good to see you blogging again. Anyways, for you and the people whom follow your blog, I suspect you probably saw this update to this issue:

Discoverer 11g is now compatible with JDK 1.7 (server-side) and / or JRE 1.7 plugin (client-side) with Patch 13877486


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