Thursday, July 30, 2015

Discoverer and Windows 10

Hi everyone
Further to a earlier posting of mine it would appear that Windows 10 and Discoverer are incompatible.


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Massimo said...


sorry for "hijacking" your post for another, yet IMHO very important Discoverer-related question: certificates providers no longer release SHA1 complaint SSL certificates. However, Discoverer 10g' and 11g's web servers still use Oracle Wallet Manager 10, which does not accept new SHA2 certificates. Because of this limitation, we think at this point the only way to SSL-enable Discoverer would be to set up a proxy server in front of it.

Let me also menntion that Web sites using SHA1 certificates will also be not accepted by browsers and banned by Google by the end of this year.

Have you encountered this issue yet?
If yes, did you use a proxy o solve it?

Thanks in advance.