Thursday, May 12, 2011

Running Plus in IE8

If you are experiencing issues running Discoverer Plus inside Microsoft IE8 the following comments may help.

So far, I have noticed that under no circumstances with Discoverer run in IE8 when it is configured to use JInitiator. If your company has enabled Discoverer to run primarily using JInitiator try adding the following parameter to your URL:  _jvm_name =sun

Your URL should look something like this:

Now all this assumes that your Discoverer administrator has enabled a more recent Sun Java than Discoverer comes installed with, namely 1.4.0_06

Should you find that you have this version installed please upgrade the server Java and try again.


Anonymous said...


Do you know if IE9 is certified with Discoverer 10g (


Michael said...

Hi Susan
I do not believe so. Here is a link to the full product certification matrix for Discoverer 10.1.3:

I see IE 8 being the highest level Microsoft browser at this time.


Susan said...

Thank You Michael. I am wondering if it will be certified with IE9 in future. Most of the users are moving to IE9 now and EBS works with it. Upgrading to Discoverer 11g just for browser may not be convincing to management, since I assume it needs additional licensing.

Path Infotech said...

Thanks for sharing the information

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Michael said...

You are very welcome

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